We met AMIMOTO AMI while attending WordCamp US last year and became fast friends. We like them so much that we now refer all our clients to them for WordPress hosting. This year, AMIMOTO asked us to embark on an A/B test for brand, design and messaging to help them better reach new US audiences.

Their older designs were inconsistent, focusing on multiple products, and talking almost exclusively to developers. We came in to create a clean template for new messages and started to test. After WordCamp Europe (WCEU) we learned to focus on two products and to focus messaging on the user, not the developer. AMIMOTO quickly realized that they had the tools to talk with developers, but lacked the explanations for the layperson.

We took what we learned, and AMIMOTO headed to WordCamp NYC armed with new brochures, one-sheets, and banner stands to convey the new messaging.

amimoto brochure for wordcamp with new brand
amimoto brochure for wordcamp with new brand

Noted CEO and Happy Beer Taster, Hiromichi Koga, “OSS,プロダクト,マネージド,SaaS(sstatic)の4領域を明確化したことでシンプルで伝えやすくなった。- フライヤーとバナーが最適化されたことで効果的。.” For those of you who don’t read Japanese (like me), that roughly translates into “Our product, service, OSS project got simplified. It was accomplished through WordCamp EU experience and the meeting and material creating process with J2…. [the] flyer and banner were optimized correctly, and it was much easier to talk to people at the booth.”

We can’t stress how much we love working with AMIMOTO as a client and as friends. When WordCamp NYC ended a couple weeks ago, the AMIMOTO crew spent five days with us in Philadelphia. Not only did they speak at our EdgeCase Event (pics here), but we took them to Everybody Hits, checked out the games at Barcade, watched the river at Penn Treaty Park and even crashed a Kensington party. They also took the opportunity to run around the city and check out all the sites. Looking forward to the next visit!

at barcade with amimoto after wordcamp
AMIMOTO crashing a Kensington party
Hiro from AMIMIOTO at Penn Treaty Park
Hiro from AMIMIOTO at the art museum steps