Choosing a hosting company can be difficult. Because the home of that site is just as important as the project itself. At J2, we’re always client-focused so we need to be 100% on the few companies we recommend.

We are happy to add AMIMOTO to that list.

While attending WordCamp US (right here in Philadelphia!) I had the pleasure of discovering AMIMOTO for the first time. In a sea of familiar faces, they got my attention.

Their approach to architecture is what sets them apart. Everything is on AWS. This gives them the opportunity to offer scalable environments and world-class reliability. To put that into perspective companies like Netflix and NASA also rely on AWS for the same features.

Usually, big budget companies are the only ones who can afford that. With AMIMOTO, you can get managed-hosting on AWS with a starting price of just $30 per month.

So, who is this awesome AMIMOTO crew?

Based in Japan, they’ve been active in both the WordPress and AWS communities for the past 10 years. They are a team of speakers, writers, developers but it’s all the same. They’re passionate about the work they do.

Not only are they WordPress Core contributors, their team has managed and developed 80+ plugins. Including the popular Contact Form 7 with over 1 million downloads.

After speaking with CEO and Happy Beer Taster, Hiromichi Koga it was clear. One could compare AMIMOTO to the qualities of a samurai. Dependable, precise, and swings well above their weight.

Beyond price and architecture, you’ll also get the latest tech. HHVM and NGINX come standard. That’s the fastest environment you can get for WordPress right now. You can also opt to get features like HTTP/2, SSL, CDN and more on any plan.

If you prefer PHP7 they also have you covered. From the AWS Marketplace, you can launch any of their pre-built AMIs. Most start at just $0.005 per hour. This great for anyone running their own servers. There are quite a few listed, so I’d suggest checking that out.

Among their customers, you can find names both big and small. For example, The Japan Times, one of Japan’s most trafficked English language sites. Or the recently launched site of our client and leading landscape architect, Ground Reconsidered.

So far working with them we’ve experienced two things:

First, their approach to service reflects that of our design process. Each client is different, therefore, each solution must be unique. That’s evident in their support, suggestions and even helping move your site.

Second, prepare yourself for something crazy fast. We’ve often settled for “good enough” because the service was there. Hosting with AMIMOTO gives clarity what you’re been missing.

Whether you’re the next big thing, or just need a solid partner. AMIMOTO is there to help.

Check them out: