Maybe you meditate. Maybe you smoke. Maybe you drink a little. Or maybe you do yoga. However you choose to relax, we guarantee that we’re all going to need it two days post-election, which is why Relaxation is the theme of this month’s EdgeCase.

Hear about how four companies play a role in this relaxation economy, including: Floatation Philly, a sensory deprivation float center in Fishtown; Green Philly Blog, a sustainability media outlet talking about “green relaxation”; Federal Distilling, makers of Philly’s finest Stateside Vodka; and Highjinx, a multiweedia marketing agency specializing in advertising and branding for the cannabis industry.

Bonus! J2 Design will provide a multi-sensory relaxation experience to complement the talks beginning with Amrita Yoga and Wellness leading the entire audience through breathing exercises.

Tickets & Availability

Free! Space is limited so please RSVP on the Event Website or Meetup page.

Food & Drinks

WeWork Market Street will be providing Dock Street Beer and &Pizza, one of Philly’s newest pizza places (and right around the corner from WeWork Market Street), will be sampling their delicious pizza.

When & Where

November 10th, from 6 to 8:30 at WeWork Market Street (1601 Market Street)

WeWork is a community for creators. Transforming buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces and providing infrastructure, services, events, and technology so members can focus on doing what they love. Currently with 73 locations in twenty-five cities and over 50,000 members.

What’s EdgeCase?

A quarterly speaker series covering the unique spaces of design, tech, and business. Whether by sheer will, pure luck, calculated planning, or a mix of them all, these presenters have used their outlier status to create large scale impact. We invite them to share the success and sometimes failure stories of pushing boundaries.

Current Lineup

These speakers are some of Philly’s movers and shakers. Spanning industries from tech to journalism, they all share a few common threads. Community, pushing their industry forward and sharing knowledge with others.

Julie Hancher, Green Philly Blog

Julie Hancher is a Social Media Consultant and Founder/Editor of Green Philly Blog. On behalf of Green Philly Blog, Julie created and directed SustainPHL, Philadelphia’s first sustainability awards & celebration. She’s been featured as a sustainability expert on WHYY Radio Times and in Philadelphia Magazine, Mother Nature Network, Metro and other publications. In her spare time, Julie enjoys biking, hiking and exploring new destinations locally and around the world.

Mark Prinzinger, HighJinx

Mark is the hands on CEO of Highjinx, the world’s first multiweedia company.  Highjinx works with some of the largest companies in the cannabis industry.  They work with product companies like BuddaBox and Incredibles as well as dispensaries like The Reserve OC and Herban Legends.  Mark promotes a progressive work environment with things like weekly office yoga, hammocks and an office bounce house.  He is also a Showcase Showdown winner of The Price is Right.

Matt + Bryan Quigley, Federal Distilling and Stateside Urbancraft Vodka

“The craft-brewing industry has been booming in Philly. But craft distilling is appearing in its rearview mirrors with a moment of its own — the first time since Prohibition, really, that people have been starting up liquor projects in empty Fishtown warehouses, abandoned gas stations, and their parents’ basement in Ambler, as Matt and Bryan Quigley did four years ago when they decided one day that they wanted to produce vodka. After early tumult — namely, being kicked out of the basement — the two brothers went on to hone their vodka-producing craft, officially opening Stateside Urbancraft Vodka about a year ago.” – Thrillist

Russ Stewart from Flotation Philly

Flotation Philly is a sensory deprivation float center in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Flotation Philly’s goal is to help you float away from it all in peace and comfort. Floating is a scientifically proven tool that helps your body uncover its ability to rest, relax, recover and rebalance. This type of sensory deprivations touches all areas of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It starts with eliminating all external sensory information you mind & body are processing. This triggers a rush of endorphins that ease your thoughts, massage your muscles and relax your spine. While floating you will feel free from all of life’s distractions, allowing you the mental clarity that you never thought possible.