Over the past two years we’ve grown tight with the crew at DigitalCube, a WordPress web hosting company based in Japan. We’ve taken them to parties in Kensington, cheered from afar as they soft launched new products, and, most recently, had the pleasure of working with them to create full identities for two of their products: Shifter, the first serverless hosting solution for WordPress, and Pilott, a fully-managed WordPress hosting solution.

Along with helping to name the new products, we got a chance to play in the tech space to create fun, animated, eye-catching, complementary identity systems. DigitalCube let us loose on the brand, and we are thrilled to see it take shape (literally) on the web, in print, and as a WordCamp booth design.


digital cube shifter logo
shifter icon system
shifter color guidelines
pilott icon system
pilott color guidelines

Both identities started off as characters. Shifter was a race car driver, making hosting WordPress sites faster. Pilott was, well, a pilot, taking the user on a journey to the stars. As they evolved, they maintained a whimsical quality that is reflective of the ease with which customers can use the different products.

Pilott became a rocket ship, a full service mobile platform meant to transport information quickly through space under the guidance of an all-knowing engineer. Shifter remained a character, representing the different microservices that make up the serverless hosting platform. We thought about how the product takes your website, breaks it into static pages, and reconfigures it on servers around the world. As our understanding of Shifter evolved, the face became a wizard (a shape shifter), and eventually a series of shapes that could be arranged and rearranged to make a face (see the scroll action on the website).

Why those colors? They were meant to cut through the more standard techie colors—traditional blues, greens, and greys—with pops of fuchsia, magenta, and vibrant neon green. Our Creative Director loves the use of gradients in logos, and what better reason to use one than in a product called Shifter?

pilott logo evolution

For the launch of the products at WordCamp 2016, we designed a suite of materials including new websites, brochures, pins, patches, stickers, sweatshirts, and more, all bearing the two logos. As one of the lead sponsors of the event, we wanted DigitalCube to stand out, so we helped them design (and staff) a fully-branded booth complete with an interactive Shifter game.

If you’re interested in WordPress hosting, sign up for Pilott or Shifter today (we use Pilott and recommend both solutions to our clients), or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to tell you about our experiences.

pilott and shifter brochures
pilott and shift business cards
digital cube shifter swag
digital cube shifter pilott websites
shifter wordcamp display game
digital cube wordcamp display