Top 5 Lessons From EdgeCase II: Relax

1. Sometimes starting a distillery is as simple as googling “How to Distill Vodka.” There are now 15+ distilleries in the Philadelphia region

Matt and Brian Quigley, Founders of Federal Distilling – Stateside Vodka
Stop by the Stateside Vodka distillery, which features a full-service bar (emphasis on vodka-inspired cocktails) + tours. 

2. There are over 80 glorious parks within Philadelphia – go outside and enjoy (numerous studies have shown that it improves your mood). Need a suggestion on where to go? Check out these 14 hiking destinations near Philly

Julie Hancher, Founder and Editor of Green Philly Blog.
Need more green inspiration? Check our her Philly-specific blog to live a local, sustainable lifestyle and sign-up for Green Philly Blog emails.

3. Eight states have legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes. Looking to invest? The cannabis industry will be the gold rush event of this generation, so get in early through design and branding, marketing or even creating point-of-sale systems. #makeamericagreenagain

Mark Pringzer, CEO of Highjinx, America’s first Multiweedia Agency
Highjinx loves being a part of Philly’s entrepreneurial community and hopes to celebrate the legalization of cannabis with everyone, so stay in touch: Follow / Like them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also, send snaps to @highjinxdotcom

4. A sensory deprivation chamber has almost 1000lbs of Epsom salt in 10 inches of water.  All the magnesium from the salt can be absorbed through skin, calming nerves and providing better sleep. And if you’re curious, only 1 in 50 people stop their floats short. 

Russ Stewart, owner of Flotation Philly
Clear your schedule for an hour, pack your bathing cap, and float free in Fishtown. Follow / Like them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

5. Taking time to close your eyes, breath deeply, and concentrate on something positive once a day can reduce stress levels. Need some guided breathing exercises, check out these animations.

Amrita Yoga and Wellness
Whether you’re looking to de-stress, heal, meditate, or become more spiritual, Amrita Yoga & Wellness is for everybody, offering yoga, pilates, massage therapy and meditation. Follow / Like them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

BONUS FACT: Cat Bomb is an app that adds cats to any / all your photos


A huge thanks again to all our sponsors for the evening:

&Pizza: The definition of stress-eating has got to include pizza and this is arguably some of the best make-your-own in town! With a great graphic presence and even better pizza and kid-friendly beverages, visit &Pizza’s first Philly location on 15th and Walnut. Been there? Take their survey

Fabriq Spa: A day spa, acupuncture and wellness center tucked away in the heart of Philadelphia’s Fabric Row. Incorporating traditional spa treatments with traditional Chinese medicine, our guests choose from a range of treatments that heal both body and mind.

****First time acupuncture receiver here — it was amazing. Haven’t felt that relaxed since before the elections started****