Friday Finds and inspirations for your studio:

Can’t explain what you do? Make them listen to this podcast.

Want a good animation? Automation.

How about a good UX transition? Waaark.

Picking a color for your brand? Here’s a guide.

             But don’t pick this color.

Thinking of a simple design for your brand? It may be harder than you thought.

Or maybe a new flag? Explore Flag Stories (you never know when a flag comes in handy).

Perhaps a little copy magic? Simple words.

Or email help? Just Good Copy has you covered.

A beautiful video? Try what Civic Commons did (you can never go wrong with drones. Or can you?)

Getting angry with clients? Embrace the toddler in them. Or buy them something special.

Work well with others? InVision App.

Looking for wall art? Free space exploration posters from NASA.

Need to relax? Weave silk.