Our favoriteĀ Mural Arts Ms.


Brian Jacobson, Creative Director

Julia MacMullan, Research Strategist

Mural arts M

Nick Massarelli, Junior Designer

Mural arts M

Lucy Price, Senior Designer and Michelle Meltzer, Studio Manager

Abby Plesser, Content Manager

Mural arts M

Shaun Baer, Developer

Lansie Sylvia, Senior Strategist

Katelyn Joyce, Account Manager

Mural arts M

Tabitha Ahnert, Junior Designer


Dan Olson, Developer

Cara Cox, Senior Designer

Tessa Tripodi, Designer

Mural arts M

Emma Fried-Cassorla, Communications Strategist

Cody Lowry, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Mural arts M

What are yours?

If you made it to the bottom of this page, you may have noticed that our team has grown significantly. Stay tuned for moreĀ info…