Friday Finds are BACK! We’re re-igniting our weekly studio-wide list of interesting reads, incredible design, cool upcoming events, uniquely-Philly stories, and golden nuggets of marketing and branding wisdom.

Without further ado…

(cue drum roll)


1) Are you an artist with a passion for social justice? Here are some amazing fellowships you can have!

2) Like trash? Didn’t think so. Help reduce Philly’s waste and become a Philacycle Captain! Volunteer with CleanPHL at events, educate neighbors, and serve as ambassadors for Philly’s Zero Waste movement. Attend on 9/29 to be trained as a Captain!

3) Also happening this weekend is the most badass conference we’ve ever seed, FearlessCon. Meant for ambitious women, FearlessCon puts on super informative, very intersectional programming filled with workshops run by incredible women. Use the code “PHLPOWERWOMEN” to get $50 off your registration!

4) Check out this awesome guide to planning your next all-day Philly food binge!

5) So it turns out that plants can communicate! What are they saying about us? Listen to this super interesting podcast about the Secret Life of Plants!

6) Think of something that you’ve wanted to do for so long, but just can’t get around to. Life often gets in the way, and the folks over at Indy Hall understand, and had a great idea to do something about it! This weekend is the first ever Finish Up Weekend, a co-working weekend dedicated to helping you finish those unfinished projects!

7) This new exhibition at Asia Society showcases the incredible work of the leading avant-garde painters of India during the very first years of independence. We are mindblown.

8) The robots are taking over! Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it can be hard to keep up. Check out this list of 10 Digital Marketing Trends you should watch to stay ahead of the game!

9) And if you don’t believe us about the robots, Amazon Alexa powered houses are a thing!

10) Philly is losing its mind over Gritty, the Flyer’s new, very… interesting mascot. Our studio is totally split on Philly sports’ newest addition. We found a compelling case for and against Gritty, but one thing is for sure – Gritty is a must-follow on Twitter.

11) Align yourself + business with the thriving design community at this year’s DesignPhiladelphia Kick Off Party on 10/3 at Bok by becoming a Design Advocate (you also get two VIP tickets!).