The origins of the day is as light-hearted and fluffy as the treat itself.

Waffle Day, a.k.a. “Våffeldagen,” was born out of the phonetic happy-mistake of the Swedish Holiday, translating to “Our Lady’s Day” which shares a similar Swedish spelling (“vårfrudagen”) meaning “waffle”. From this fortunate confusion, it’s on this day, March 25th, we pay tribute to this most sweet and savory contribution to mankind: The Waffle.

“For breakfast, lunch or dinner the taste and versatility of the waffle is unmatched. No muffin, donut or danish can compare to the brilliance and taste of this life changing invention.”
– Ben Franklin or William Penn or  [according to waffle legend]

From humble beginnings as a staple street food, the waffle has evolved to host some of the most acclaimed foods on the scene – collaborating with not only Vermont maple syrup and fresh fruit, but also Southern fried chicken and a variety of gravy. In recent years ice creams, peanut butter and even celebrities like Nutella have reached out to take part in the waffle’s meteoric rise to fame.

The celebratory and deliciousness of waffles have moved the status of this former breakfast item into the category of food to be enjoyed during any time of the day. What time is it? It’s always waffle time!

Join in celebrating the waffle at home with these awesome waffle iron recipes and hacks!

Waffle Day at the Swedish American Museum here in Philly!

It only makes sense we buy this…