The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and J2 have partnered for over a year and a half to complete their exciting, organization-wide rebrand. First, we created new messaging, a logo, identity, and print and digital collateral. Then, we tackled the website,

Web design may seem like a clear-cut project from the outset, but when the organization is as vast, varied, and community-based as the Jewish Federation, it requires a lot of planning, collaboration, and careful thinking.

Our goal was to streamline the amount of information available for an enjoyable, integrated experience. We knew the Federation wanted to be known as the “go-to” Jewish agency in the Philadelphia region as well as a tight-knit community with a professional, trusted, and welcoming vibe.  

We accomplished this by combining the knowledge we gained in the first phase of the rebrand and translated it for the web. All our web projects begin with a detailed workshop that uncovers target audiences, key information, and audience actions. We then use that information to create a content outline, highlighting only the crucial information necessary for the new site. From there the web team (our designers, UX, and developers) create a sitemap, wireframes (see below), and the initial design concepts for the site.

For, our designers made sure to include the new color palette (blue, white, and orange–representative of their new flame-based logo) and applied simple line work, framing, and patterning reserved for celebratory moments (as seen on their blog and events pages). Given the limited professional photography available, design sprinkled large and small photos throughout the site and used plug-ins from Instagram and Flickr to keep pages feeling fresh.

colors for jewish federation philadelphia rebrand

To ensure that the Federation could manage the site post-launch, the site was built in WordPress using a modular functionality–meaning that they can add or subtract elements from pages relevant to that day, month, or current event.

Additionally, Community Resources is a well-loved (and used) section of the site, but it needed more clarity and unity to be more accessible. We created a search/filter element for those who knew what they were looking for, as well as categories for those who wanted to discover new resources. 

We could go on about the Events, Affinity Groups, The Latest (i.e. the blog), and Donate sections of the site, but we’ll let your mouse do the clicking and let you explore the organization that is “committed to creating a bright new future for our community everywhere.” #CarryTheLight