Old, dirty snow and rainy days got you down? Short of booking a flight to Florida, there is no better way to shake the winter doldrums than a heaping bowl of ice cream for breakfast!

There are just three rules for celebrating National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day:

1. Eat ice cream.
2. For breakfast.
3. On the first Saturday in February (or any weekend morning in the depths of winter).

To take care of these rules in one delicious step without going to far from the breakfast path, we went with an affogoto. And while we were at it, we tossed in a slice of waffle too. Because waffles. The mix of coffee and ice cream makes for a sweet caffeine jolt.

National Ice Cream Day was invented by Florence Rappaport in 1960. Her six children were stuck inside during a Rochester, New York snow storm and she dreamed up the ice-creamy dreamy Food Holiday. When asked how she came up with the idea, she said her children “thought February was dull. So just for a lift we suggested ice cream for breakfast. They thought it was just great.”

Florence traveled extensively, and spread the holiday cheer around the world. As her children grew up, they too introduced the holiday to college friends, giving the holiday life outside of Rochester.

Two really tasty looking affogotos
A waffle sliding into an affagato.