While some shmohawks are two weeks into making (or breaking) their holiday resolutions, J2 has resolved to embrace our lack of self-discipline — we are gonna eat more and celebrate it!

Our love of food and illustration spawned a declaration that 2016 would be the year to celebrate some of our favorite Food Holidays.

What better holiday to pop into the new year with than National Popcorn Day? This small, inflated kernel always puts a smile on people’s faces evoking fond memories of great movies, games, parties, pastimes and salty-buttery goodness. Because it’s cheap, this crunchy snack became popular during the Great Depression and was easy to mass-produce. It quickly became a favorite at ball games and movie theaters, easy to enjoy while keeping eyes glued to the action.

The smell and sound of popcorn is often hard to resist. The science behind the kernel isn’t magic, but always seemed it as a child. Nerd-Alert! For all the Bill-Nyes out there, this Huffington Post article gets into the nitty-gritty of how popcorn pops (video included), The Secret Science Behind Popcorn, Finally Revealed (using words such as “hull”, “pressurized water vapor” and “tiny springs”).  

With the science, history, taste and memory in mind, National Popcorn Day has not only given us watery-chops, but a new respect for this transformable treat. We honor you, delicious, magical corn.

Keep your eyes (and mouths) open for more of our indulgent food celebrations!


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