1. Ignition: Translating electricity and charge into the spark of an idea

2. Heartbeat: The pulse of our city

3. Signature: A monogram for the organization that helps brand Philadelphia

4. Wait… Is it an M?

5. A stroke: Exemplifying all types of design

6. The creative process: A back and forth between ideas

7. Pantone 2738: How do you see it? Blue or purple?

Mural Arts Philadelphia logo blue-red

For your interpretation: The foundational M in the new Mural Arts logo is meant to be artistic, vibrant, contemporary, edgy, and energetic. Most importantly, it’s flexible, participatory, and open to interpretation, mimicking the participatory nature of Mural Arts — where everyone can help move the city forward through the work of art.

Want to know more about the Mural Arts branding process? Come to our DesignPhiladelphia event on October 13th.