Summer means many things to many people.

To me, it means a pitcher of tea brewing in the sun on my mom’s back stoop…it means a  peach Snapple iced tea bought at the corner vendor while I watch the kids skateboard at Pulaski in DC. Its means a passion tango shaken iced tea from (god help me) Starbucks with a cigarette at 4:30pm on a Wednesday.

Summer = Iced Tea.

People’s relationship with their iced tea is very personal. My husband lived and died by his Wawa iced tea when he was a teenager. Shaun just told me about the Arctic Splash, a classic Fishtown tumbleweed.

However you like it, wherever you like it…iced tea is damn good. Especially in a mason jar…with a lot of ice and fresh squeezed lemon…feet up…cool breeze…staring into the abyss.


And never forget, Ice-T has SEEN IT ALL.