In the last three whirlwind weeks, J2 Design had the privilege of working with SEDSO Design on the build out of the Truth To Power space at 990 Spring Garden. Truth to Power is a campaign sponsored by Rock the Vote to launch a movement that engages and mobilizes young people in the 2016 election. The whole event was a collaboration between organizations like #Cut50, TaskForce, Arch Enemy Arts, 1215 Creative, The Rail Park, Arts and Crafts Holdings, individuals like Cosmo Baker, and many many more.

(all photos taken during the Truth to Power installation)

Truth to Power featured three solid days of panel discussions like “Will Criminal Justice Reform Ever Happen?” and “Undocumented & Unafraid: A Dialogue On Owning One’s Power in America Without The Right To Vote.” Cosmo Baker secured an impressive lineup of local and regional DJs representing all the different neighborhoods of Philadelphia and its residents. People celebrated together at a concert on the Opening Day featuring Andra Day, and will dance tonight to the Black Eyed Peas at the closing party.

Perhaps the most eye opening part of the event were the 200+ piece of art shown together in one of the most moving exhibitions ever seen in Philly (in my opinion). Artists included international names like Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Shepard Fairy, Michael Murphy, and Bansky, as well as local Philly artists Amberella, Aubrie Costello, Kid Hazo, IshKnits, and Vi Vu. The pieces all spoke about some of our nation’s most pressing and destructive issues: police brutality, gun violence, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, and access to jobs and a living wage. The collection was meant to have an impact, and it did. It was like a punch in the face. Check out the #truthtopower hashtag on Instagram and read the captions and comments. I can say from personal experience that there were some pieces so moving that I left the space choked up, and fell asleep to images of police lights, toe tags, mattresses and flags (needless to say, it was not an easy night’s sleep).

J2 and SEDSO came into the raw warehouse with the task of figuring out how to move people through the space, represent the Truth to Power Brand, create wayfinding and creative ways to recognize partners, as well as pitch in to build walls, hang vinyl and design wheat paste walls. It was a long three weeks, but the pictures below show the unbelievable results. Actually, let me rephrase. The pictures below show some of the pieces, but in no way do the exhibit justice.

favianna rodriguez truth to power installation
keith haring truth to power installation

For more details and photos check out Streets Dept, the Truth to Power website, and WHYY.