Did you?

We’ve partnered with the New Kensington Community Development Corp (NKCDC) for the past two years to overhaul their Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby & Arts Festival brand and website and create an on-site activation. Last year we created a photo booth. This year, we took it up a notch.

In addition to creating a mobile-first voting app, we also built an on-site polling station complete with curtained voting booth, wheat pasted photo wall and campaign picketers. Participants were encouraged to flyer for their favorite teams, and a social campaign complete with mud-centric slogans launched 10 days before the event (#derbyvote2016). Of course, no polling place is complete without stickers, so attendees went home proudly wearing their I VOTED stickers. By the end of the day, 484 votes were logged on the app, with Philadelphia Brewing Company taking home the People’s Choice Award.

This was our first time building a single page web app using Angular and the new WordPress REST API. The app was connected to the same WordPress install that powers their main Kensington Kinetic website, meaning that one upload of content would feed to both the website and app. The app runs on all devices, but feels native because of its responsive style, making on-site derby voting simple and fun. Best of all, the design runs fluidly across both the app and the website making them feel like a complete package.